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Data Warehousing

GA4 Warehousing

GA4’s costs stem from the comprehensive nature of its data storage and processing mechanisms. When businesses push a large amount of data into GA4, the cost increases due to the necessary data warehousing. For example, if a company wants to import and analyze years’ worth of past data, or if they’re dealing with millions of user events per day, the costs can quickly add up. This model, while offering detailed and granular analytics, may become prohibitive for small to medium-sized businesses or those with tight data budgets.

GA4 Query Limits

Another pain point is the existence of query limits in GA4’s BigQuery integration. While BigQuery allows for powerful analysis of massive datasets, it has a set limit on the number of queries that can be made per day. For businesses that need to perform intensive data analysis, these query limits can be restrictive and hinder real-time decision making.

Providing a Better Solution for Reporting Needs

Our mission is to assist businesses in navigating these complexities and find a cost-effective and efficient way to utilize GA4 for their unique reporting needs.

We offer a suite of tools and consulting services that optimize your GA4 setup to manage data warehousing costs effectively. Our tools intelligently identify and focus on essential data to be stored and processed, reducing unnecessary expenditure.

For the issue of query limits, we provide guidance on structuring your queries more efficiently, ensuring that you get the most out of each one. Additionally, we help implement batch processing of queries to circumvent the daily limits, allowing you to extract more insights from your data.

For businesses requiring an alternative to GA4, we offer solutions that integrate with various data platforms. These alternatives are both cost-effective and powerful, providing you with the ability to store, process, and analyze large amounts of data without incurring excessive costs or facing usage limitations.

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