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Adobe Data Workbench

Software Lifespan

Since it’s inception in 2006, Data Workbench was positioned to become a champion in the big data space with its near infinite ability to scale and customize a data schema to cater almost any business question that needs to be answered.  It was originally designed to compete against Adobe Analytics.  But in 2010 when Adobe completed its purchase of Omniture, it has become Thor’s hammer for most enterprise customers when needing to get a 360 degree view of their customers.  Everything from interactions across digital and non-digital mediums to using advanced predictive analytics to reliably forecast future conversions.  Data Workbench and Adobe Analytics had become a powerhouse of tools that no one saw coming.  While Adobe has put Data Workbench in Maintenance Mode, it is still actively sold, especially to Government entities.  Click below to learn more!

Past Data Workbench Roles

  • Consultant
  • Technical Support Engineer
  • Enterprise Support Manger
  • Solutions Architect


Supported hundreds of analysts to answer business questions on their world wide commerce platform using Data Workbench.

Discover Financial Services

On site 1:1 work with analysts on a day by day basis to answer ad hoc questions and help them get the most conversion out of their on the fly targeted ad campaigns.

US Bank Corp

Engineered a custom solution to form segmented audiences on the fly and upload these audiences to Adobe Target for a real time customized visitor experience to maximize conversion.

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